Budgies, Budgerigars - The Beautiful Birds

First things first, budgies are fun pets to keep. They are lively, intelligent and playful. They can learn to speak and do tricks. A budgie is sure to brighten up any home.

If you have ever had a budgerigar in your family then you will know just how rewarding it can be. They definitely develop their own personality. And it can be a lot of fun to play with them or watch them flap about the room.

Keeping one of these wonderful birds is a great way to teach children about responsibility and loyalty. They can also be a great comfort to isolated people like the elderly, who might get lonely without company.

Caring for your budgie is really very simple, itís not surprising that so many people keep them as pets. Keeping your budgie fed and watered and keeping his cage clean doesnít take more than a few minutes a day. It beats running around after a dog in the rain every day.

Whatís more, budgies donít take up a lot of space, and they donít cost much money to look after. Seeing as they can bring so much happiness and are so easy to look after, they have to be the perfect pet.

So, What Are Budgies? And Where Do They Come From?

Budgies are a small bird from the parrot family. They are native to Australia where they live in large flocks, traveling to wherever they find food and water.

In the 1800s travelers caught the first caught budgies and brought them back to Europe. They were a big hit immediately, and a lot of people wanted one.

So people started laying nets at the budgiesí feeding grounds. The ones that survived being caught were brought back to civilization. All of the budgies for sale today are bred in captivity.

In the wild, the budgiesí natural coloring is green and yellow. Budgies born with different coloring get treated like ugly people in our society and donít get to breed. But in captivity breeders keep color mutations alive.

The result, over 100 recognized color patterns around today. With so many different varieties around you can be sure to find one that you like.

Budgies In The Wild

In the Australian interior, the budgies live in grass lands that get very little rain. So they move around quite a lot to find food and water, as well as to avoid the heat. Unlike most other migratory birds, budgies donít return to the same places every year.

Budgies in the wild flock to scrub grass as it is a great source of food when it is seeding. They like areas with eucalyptus trees as well, since they are an ideal place to nest.

Budgies do need to seek out sources of fresh water as well, but they donít need very much. They get a lot of their water from food, and retain most of it.

I Hope You Read All Of That, Thereíll Be A Test At The End...

Only joking, but enough of the history and wildlife lessons. The rest of the site will be about budgie care, I promise. So if you have one of these beautiful birds, or even if you havenít, have a look around.

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