Budgie Lifespan - How Long Does A Budgie Live For?

Since budgies were first kept as pets their lifespan has got longer and longer. All the time weíre learning more about looking after budgies. And the more we learn, the longer they live.

Budgies today can live for fifteen years or more with the right care. Sadly the average budgie probably only lives for around five or six years. This isnít because owners neglect them, but because budgie care information isnít as well known as the care of other pets, like dogs and cats.

So, how do you make sure your budgie has a long and happy life?

Since youíve found this website, youíre probably interested in learning about budgie care. And you donít mind putting a little effort in to give your budgie a good life.

If thatís true, youíre off to a great start. You see, itís the little things that count the most when looking after your budgie. Small pieces of good day-to-day care soon add up to make your budgie happy and healthy.

Think about it like this. Forgetting to feed your budgie for one day wonít do too much harm overall. Forgetting to feed your budgie for one day every single week will have a much bigger effect. All those little bits of damage add up over time.

The answer is as simple as that. Good day to day care is the only way to improve your budgieís lifespan.

So, what are some of the most important parts of every day care?

  • Your budgieís diet: a good diet is important to keep any animal healthy.
  • Entertainment: a bored budgie is an unhappy budgie. And being depressed can lead to other health problems.
  • Hygiene: a clean environment is a must. You wouldnít cook dinner in a healthy kitchen or sleep in a soiled bed. Regular cleaning is just as important to your feathered friend.
  • Good health care: put a little away each month to pay for vets bills when you need to. All budgies get ill sometimes and not being able to pay for treatment can be heart-breaking. Pet insurance is another option.


A budgie with a good quality of life will generally live for longer. If you get into the habit of good budgie care day-to-day, then you should have many happy years with your budgie.

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