Budgie Mites, Budgerigar Mites

When people say budgie mites, they are usually talking about red mites. Of course, there are other mites that can harm your budgie, like the mites responsible for scaly face.

Red mites are little blood suckers that about 1mm in size. In the day time they hide in secluded spots like the corners of your budgieís cage. At night they jump up onto your budgie for a feast.

Since the mites cause a lot of irritation to your budgie, he wonít be able to get much sleep. Apart from the loss of blood, getting little or no sleep night after night is bad for your budgieís health and happiness.

Budgies with a red mite problem are usually irritable and depressed in the day time. They also nap frequently in the day to catch up on their sleep.

In the day, red mites are a grey color and they are barely visible. After their evening meal they turn a red color.

Treating Budgies with Red Mites

Since there arenít any mites on your budgie in the daytime, this is the best time to kill them off. You should move your budgie out of his cage. If you have a spare cage then thatís great.

Now, every part of the cage needs to be scrubbed with warm water. All the accessories need scrubbing too, perches, toys etc.

When youíre scrubbing the cage out, donít put your budgie near where his cage usually is. The area around the cage can be infested with mites as well. And this area needs to be cleaned also.

You shouldnít need to treat your budgie with any toxic solutions. This probably wonít achieve anything except a good old fashioned case of budgie poisoning. Since the mites arenít on the budgie in the day time, you donít need to risk it.

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