Budgie Overgrown Beak

Your budgie’s beak continues to grow throughout your budgie’s life. Usually small pieces of the beak get worn away and break off. Sometimes the beak grows faster than it gets worn down though. This happens more often in older birds.

Often it is just the upper beak that grows too fast. Occasionally the problem occurs in the lower beak or in both at the same time.

When the beak gets overgrown, your budgie can have trouble eating. If it is left untreated then your budgie won’t be able to eat at all. As a result he will die of starvation.

Depending on how fast the beak is growing it can need trimming very often. As often as every four or five weeks.

Some reckon that beak deformities can be caused by underlying conditions. Parasites, mal nutrition and certain diseases are said to cause this condition.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see how a parasite sucking your budgie’s blood will make his beak grow faster. Feel free to prove me wrong though.

If excessive beak growth doesn’t need attending to often then you may as well leave it to your vet. If getting your budgie’s beak trimmed is a regular occurrence though, then you might want to learn how to do it yourself.

If your budgie’s beak is really brittle, you should consider treating it with some warmed glycerin or olive oil. This should help to stop the beak from breaking and cracking.

When you are trimming your budgie’s beak, be careful not to cut off too much. Over trimming your budgie’s beak can result in bleeding. Sometimes a lot of bleeding.

If bleeding does happen, then you can treat the beak with a silver nitrate pencil. Or apply styptic cotton to the beak until the blood stops.

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