Budgie Scaly Face

Scaly face is caused by little organisms that live on your budgie and don’t usually cause any problems. But when a budgie gets weakened they can start causing trouble.

Little mites prey on the budgie, tunneling downwards and feeding on bits of skin and lymph. As the mites tunnel down, your budgie’s body produces horny growths as a way to defend itself.

The first thing you will notice is a whitish film appearing on the face, beak, around the eyes and on the legs. After a while this layer can turn into hardened growths that take on the appearance of scales. Sometimes these hardened growths fall off by themselves and don’t need any treatment.

This condition is contagious, but not highly contagious. It is best to separate affected budgies from healthy birds just in case though.


Scaly face usually appears when a budgie is in a bad state of health. Budgies in this weakened condition appear to be a lot more susceptible than healthy budgies.

This weakened state can be caused by stress, bad diet or any combination of negative factors. A budgie that gets scaly face was probably pretty miserable before hand anyway.


The best way to fight off this condition is to improve your budgie’s general state of health. Start by making sure that your budgie is getting a balanced diet, and add vitamin and mineral solutions to your budgie’s water.

While you’re doing this you can treat the affected areas with special ointment. Just dab it on gently a few times a day, trying not to get any in your budgie’s eyes.

Sometimes your vet can recommend injections to help fight off the mites. Obviously you won’t give your budgie the injections yourself. In these cases you can concentrate solely on improving your budgie’s quality of life.

Lastly you need to do some serious thinking. If your child got sick because of neglect then you could be facing time in jail. You won’t be for mistreating your budgie unfortunately. But maybe you should think about the moral responsibility you have to your bird. Consider this case of scaly face your wake up call.

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