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So, you’re looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun. But what do you do with your favorite member of the family? No, not your child, your budgie.

As much as you hate to be separated from little Mr. Chirpy, you really shouldn’t take him with you. Long trips in the car can be disastrous to a budgie’s health.

For starters, quick changes in temperature, and time spent sitting in the sun with no shade can make your budgie sick. And even if your budgie’s cage is securely strapped in, sharp braking and traveling round corners can send your budgie flying from his perch.

The end result: bye bye budgie.

Taking your budgie for a plane ride to another country is also possible, but not a good idea. Aside from any dangers to your budgie’s health, you better be prepared to fill out a lot of forms and possibly leave your budgie in quarantine for a while. Many countries don’t allow parrot species to enter full stop.

Leaving Your Budgie At Home

Yes, that brings us to the better option, leaving your budgie at home. In an ideal world we’d all have a helpful friend or neighbor, who is an expert on birds and has nothing better to do with their time.

If you do have a friend or neighbor who is willing to look after your budgie while you’re gone, then it is best to leave them written instructions. Not everyone is as clued up as you on how to look after budgies. But with written instructions they will know exactly what to do. Also, you can leave them with encouraging words like, “If I get back and my budgie’s dead, you’re next.”

When you don’t know anybody willing to take in your budgie, then you have a couple of options. You can check out your local bird shelter or parrot sanctuary. Often they will be happy to let your bird board while you’re gone. And you can be quite sure that your budgie will be well looked after.

You can also try putting an ad in your local classifieds or your local paper. You will probably get some replies from people happy to look after your bird while you’re away.

In The End

Whoever you get to look after your bird, your budgie will probably get a little depressed from the change in routine and from missing his family. But having the right care and avoiding long, hazardous journeys will keep any damage to the minimum.

And anyway, you’ll back soon enough and your budgie will settle into his old routine, good as new. A couple of weeks apart from you won’t kill your budgie, so have fun, get a tan and buy a nice souvenir for your bird sitter.

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