Outside The Cage, Letting Your Budgie Fly

Budgies are great at flying. While doing occasional laps of your living room doesnít really show this off, itís important for your budgie to get out of his cage and explore a bit.

So how should you go about letting your budgie out?

First of all, you need to make sure that the room is safe. Remember to cover any windows and glass doors, at least temporarily until your budgie learns that he canít fly through them.

Then all you have to do is open your budgieís cage door and wait. Donít crowd your budgie, just sit in a chair or stand away from the cage. Your budgie probably wonít come out straight away, some budgies donít come out at all the first time you open the cage door.

After a while your budgie will probably hop up into the door way, have a look around and climb up the side of the cage. Talk quietly to him to reassure him and to encourage him.

Once your budgie has got his bearings and scouted out the room he will probably have a quick fly around the room and choose a new perch. Budgies like to be high up, so he will often choose a high place to land. The old clichť about budgies up on curtain rails holds true.

If your budgie does get up somewhere high like that, donít try to grab him or shoo him down. Chances are he will get down on his own if you give him some time. Most of the time budgies make their own way back to their cages when they get worn out from their adventures.

Budgies love to explore, so let him explore the room. Leaving a small tub of seed, come millet or some pieces of fruit around the room is great fun. Budgies forage for all their food in the wild, so they are pretty good at sniffing it out.

Little Accidents

If your budgie is young, or just isnít used to flying then you will probably see some mishaps. Flying into a wall or not quite making it to the perch they are aiming for are good examples.

Unless your budgie looks hurt, then let him get on with it. We donít learn to walk without falling over a few times, right?

If your budgie ends up on the floor, then chances are he will have a walk around and explore. Brandon, a budgie I used to have loved hopping about under the coffee table, and on the floor near his cage, looking for stray seed.

If you donít mind clearing up afterwards, try sprinkling some seed on the floor near your bird. He should love hopping around to collect it.

Time To Go Home

More often than not your budgie will retire to his cage long before you have got tired of watching explore the room. He gets tired out and just wants to go home, have a bite to eat and maybe a drink. The he can sit and preen himself and get some time to relax.

Sometimes you want your budgie to get back into his cage before heís finished playing. If thatís the case, then you should approach him slowly from the front, talking to him quietly, and offer him your hand as a perch. Remember to keep your hand below the level of his head.

Once heís on your hand you should be able to grip him properly, or put your thumb on top of his foot so that he canít fly away. Just deliver him back into his cage and close the door.

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