Young Budgies, Baby Budgie Information

budgie chicks are born blind and naked. After about a week their eyes are open and their feathers are beginning to grow.

The first four week of a young budgie’s life is spent in the nesting box. In this time they rely on the cock and hen to look after them. The chicks’ parents devote themselves totally to looking after their young.

When they’re four weeks old baby budgies are full feathered and are getting ready to leave the nest. At this point their parents help them to start eating hard food. Since they have trouble dehusking seeds, the cock helps them out.

Budgies in a flock are very community minded. If there are two sets of young chicks to look after but one of them is missing a parent, it is not unusual to see another budgie helping to care for them.

If one of the cocks raising a family went missing for example, the other cock might help to raise both sets of chicks. Or if one of the sets of chicks is missing a hen, another one will probably step in and take her place in raising them.

When they get to six weeks of age young budgies should be fully fledged, ready to be rehomed if needs be. These very young budgies have dark horizontal stripes across their forehead. Those will disappear after molting at around twelve weeks old.

Finding a home for young budgies isn’t usually very hard. It is kinder to the birds to rehome them in pairs if possible, so that they don’t get lonely. Alternatively, rehoming them as a companion bird to someone who won’t be out of the house most of the time is a good option.

Even though finding new homes for your young budgies is pretty easy, it isn’t really good for the health of the cock and hen to raise a lot of chicks in a year. Who wouldn’t get exhausted looking after six young children all year round?

Sexing young budgies isn’t as easy as sexing adults. With young birds, the color of their cere is usually not distinct. Deciding their sex is guess work at best.

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